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  • Jatin

    Hey Viktor,

    How do i get access to Bulgarian folk costume? can we rent it in Sofia? can you recommend a goo shop for the same? we will need trials.

    Jatin & Sonja

    • admin

      Hi Sonja and J

      Sorry for the slow response 🙂 Dissertation submission and wedding planning in the same month is something that I do not recommend 🙂

      On the question of Bulgarian folk costumes: I can recommend a shop in Bulgaria but unfortunately not an online shop. I talked to my wedding planner (http://www.cherga.net/) and they told me that usually the way they had proceeded out-of-country guests is that they rent out the wedding costumes when you arrive. You need to supply some standard measures beforehand (in cm, not sizes). Please mail me your request and I will forward them to her. Keep in mind that traditional costumes are not very tight fitting so you shouldn’t be worried about fit too much.

      On the question of trials. Since you are coming somewhat earlier I will see if we can go to the place and try stuff out. Otherwise maybe you can look at some of Cherga’s pictures on the web site (http://cherga.net/pictures.html, http://cherga.net/blog/) and maybe get some idea of what you want in advance.

      V. 🙂

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